About the Salt Lake Symphony

Photo of the Symphony Performing at the Utah State Capitol Rotunda Founded in 1976, the Salt Lake Symphony is one of the area’s most highly respected volunteer driven orchestras. The Salt Lake Symphony is a non-profit organization dedicated to performing quality classical music concerts for the Wasatch Front community. The Symphony performs around 15 concerts per year.

The approximately seventy-five hard-working musicians of the SLS volunteer roughly 10,000 hours annually to accomplish this goal. Although the members of the Salt Lake Symphony come from all walks of life and frequently work full-time in other professions, they hold one thing in common: They play for the love and passion of music. Their dedication as volunteers sets them apart and creates a unique bond.

Meet the Orchestra

The Salt Lake Symphony has many regular patrons who choose our concert series simply because they enjoy the spirited performances. Concerts are very economically priced, although additional donations are certainly welcome! We invite you to experience the combined talents of this fine orchestra and attend our next concert.

Mission Statement

The Salt Lake Symphony strives to be the area’s best community orchestra. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to performing quality classical music concerts for the Wasatch Front community. Our mission is unique in many respects. Our concerts are inexpensive and informal, drawing an audience that might not otherwise attend a classical music event. We are an amateur orchestra in the purest sense, striving always to increase our connections with community members to keep the beauty and passion of classical music alive. In particular, we are committed to education, and will continue to initiate projects that bring music to children. We are dedicated to providing opportunities to Utah performers, conductors, and composers to display their talents to our audiences.

Auditioning for the Salt Lake Symphony

General auditions are held at the beginning of the season. Please e-mail mail@saltlakesymphony.org to sign up.

No auditions will be held this season.

Throughout the season, auditions for the Salt Lake Symphony are held, by appointment only, on Tuesday evenings, 6:30 p.m. at the rehearsal location. See the Maps & Directions page for location information.

Individuals who are auditioning will be required to perform both a slow and fast segment of a concerto or piece, and a scale of our choosing. Also, be prepared to sight read.

To schedule an audition time, please email or leave a message on our voice-mail. For details, visit the Contact Us page.