Salt Lake Symphony Guest Artist

Hilary Coon

Photo of Hilary Coon - Guest Artist
Hilary Coon has been playing with the Salt Lake Symphony since arriving in town in 1991. She started playing the oboe ages ago (at least 3,000 hand-made reeds, by the oboist's reckoning of time). All these reeds met their demise first at various summer music camps and the Aspen Music Festival, then at the University of Colorado, Boulder, where she earned a Bachelor's degree in music, and also in math.

Later, after finishing undergraduate work, Hilary plowed through yet more reeds with the Fort Collins Symphony and the Arvada Chamber Orchestra in Denver, while pursuing a graduate degree in behavioral genetics on the side.

To support her oboe habit in Salt Lake, she works at the University of Utah in genetics research, studying autism, Tourette syndrome, and cardiovascular disease.

Hilary has been married to Jim Yehle for 22 years, and they have two boys who now play the trumpet and saxophone (we're trying to teach our cat the bagpipes just to round out the quintet). She likes skiing, bike riding, and driving kids to various events.