Programming Suggestions

Instrument Composer Piece Comment
Occasional contrabassoon Henryk Gorecki Sym. # 3 mid-twentieth century composer
Flute Bernstein Along the Waterfront suite
Trombone Milhaud The creation of the world
Trombone Strauss Til Eulenspiegel's
Trombone Carl Nielsen Pan and Syrinx or Symphony 4
Trombone Benjamin Britten Serenade for Tenor, Horn and strings
Trombone Jennifer Higdon Low Brass Concerto
Trombone Anthony DiLorenzo Chimera Brass Quintet and Orchestra
Trombone Henry Fillmore Shoutin' Liza Trombone for orchestra Children's concert?
Vla Durufle Requiem
Vla Shostakovich Symphony #9
Vla Britten Men of Goodwill Christmas
Vla Durufle Requiem
Vla Shostakovich Symphony #9
Vla Britten Men of Goodwill Christmas
Violin I Brahms Symphony No. 2 We have played others and need to play this piece.
Violin I Glazunov Symphony NO. 5
Violin I Wagner Das Rheingold
Violin I Puccini Madame Butterfly
Violin I Bruckner Symphony NO. 8
cello Vaughn Williams Fantasia on a Theme of Thomas Tallis
cello Verdi Requiem
Occasional contrabassoon leroy Robertson sleigh ride in 7/8 time
Trombone Scott Selfon Excelsior! A Stan Lee Tribute An original arrangement by a friend of mine. World premiere was with the Puget Sound Symphony Orchestra in Nov 2019.
Trombone Mahler Symphony No. 7
Trombone Prokofiev Romeo and Juliet Particularly No 13, Dance of the Knights
Trombone Rachmaninoff Isle of the Dead
cello Holtz The Planets
Trombone Howard Shore LORD OF THE RINGS - SYMPHONY
Violin Mendelssohn Symphony 5 Or other Mendelssohn
Violin Tchaikovsky Symphony 2 Or other Tchaikovsky
Violin Prokofiev Symphony 1 Or other Prokofiev
Violin Rachmaninoff Symphonic Dances Or other Rachmaninoff
oboe/English horn Rachmaninoff Symphonic Dances
oboe/English horn Ravel Rapsodie Espagnol
Violin Gerald Finzi Eclogue for Piano and Strings Op. 10
Violin Hubert Parry Lady Radnor’s Suite
Violin Bizet Symphony No. 1
Violin Schumann Symphony No. 3 (or any other Schumann symphony)
Violin Dvorak Symphony No. 7 I can’t remember when we last performed this, but it’s great.
oboe Prokofiev Classical Symphony
oboe Borodine 2nd Symphony
oboe De Falla El Amor Brujo (excerpts)
oboe Shostakovitch 1st Symphony
oboe Handel Water Music (selections)
horn Tchaikovsky Eugene Onegin - Suite e.g. Polonaise, Waltz
horn John Williams Parade of the Slave Children
Trumpet Strauss Don Juan
Trumpet Beethoven Egmont Overture
Trumpet Beethoven Symphony No 7
Trumpet Strauss Ein Heldenleben
Trumpet Beethoven Egmont overture We did it with Bob Debbaut. Been long enough
Trumpet Shostakovich Symphony No 9 Short. Quite light. Not simple though. Never been done this orch.
Trumpet Prokofieff Classical Symphony Come on! We wuz robbed!!
Trumpet Prokofieff Leftenant Kije I know--we did it with James--but it is awesome and it's been maybe 15 years
Trumpet Sibelius Karelia Suite NOTE: 'Suite' NOT Overture
Cello Dmitri Shostakovich Symphony N. 10
Cello Edward Elgar Cello Concerto in E minor. I would like to play this concerto with the orchestra as a soloist if it is possible.
Cello Ludwig Van Beethoven Symphony N 9 this would be a great chance to have the choir back with us in an beautiful concert.
Cello Sergei Rachmaninoff Symphonic Dances a challenging piece that would fit the orchestra perfectly.
Cello Inocente Carreño Margariteña; Symphonic Gloss A piece by Venezuelan Composer Carreño. I could help getting the parts and the score. This is an incredible piece and I think the orchestra would make a great job performing this piece.
trumpet Shostakovich Ballet Suites Any of them
trumpet Shostakovich Symphony No. 9
violin Dvorak Carnival Overture
violin Respighi The Birds
? (he didn't say) Shostakovich 11th symphony
? (he didn't say) Scriabin Poem of Ecstasy
viola Grieg Peer Gynt Suite
viola Beethoven 7th or 9th Symphony
viola Shostakovich any of his symphonies
viola Dvorak 7th Symphony
viola Mozart Symphony 39 or 41
viola Dvorak Slavonic Dances
viola Strauss Also Sprach Zarathustra
viola Shostakovich any of his symphonies
viola Copland Appalachian Spring
viola Brahms Symphony 1 or 4
Violin Edvard Grieg Lyric Suite
Violin Hugo Alfven (The Mountain King) Suite: Shepherd-Girl's Dance
Bassoon Verdi Requiem
Bassoon Verdi Requiem
Bassoon Verdi Requiem
Bassoon Verdi Requiem
Bassoon Verdi Requiem
Trombone Gershwin Cuban Overture Fun and energetic for all sections!
Trombone Antonio Gomes Overture to ll Guarany This was the opening to Kennecott Neighborhood Theater on Sunday nights in Utah in the early 60ies. John Wolfen? attends concerts all over the valley. He is always at the SLS. He suggested this one.
Trombone Copland Lincoln Portrait Requires Narrator
Trombone Ravel Pavane for a Dead Princess No bones but it is so lovely
Trombone Elgar Imperial March
Trombone Copland Appalachian Spring