Utah Voices

Utah Voices is a group of volunteer singers varying in skill: some have no previous choral experience while others have received professional vocal training. Some are still learning to read music; others are practiced sight-readers. The choir members range in age from young adults to senior citizens and are a mixture of business people, students, educators, engineers, homemakers, and retirees. They are enthusiastic about their mission and about making choral involvement a priority in their lives, dedicating their talents to each other and to the community. Although members do not audition to join, the artistic staff expects capabilities beyond those of the average community chorus. The choir strives for a higher level of musicality in order to offer concertgoers unforgettable choral concert experiences, providing inspiration, excitement, fun, and nostalgia. Utah Voices was created by a handful of dedicated, hardworking people who love to sing. It is the culmination of the dreams and united vision of individuals who are passionate about making music.